Group Piano Lessons

Whether you're a beginner, a more advanced student, or you've never played the piano before, group classes are a fun and affordable way to learn to play.

Flute Lessons

Have you always wanted to play the flute, or do you want to brush up on your technique? Call Pamela, and start taking lessons today!

Flute Clinics & more

Pamela offers flute clinics to high schools and master- classes to more advanced students, as well as lessons in music theory and history. She also coaches individuals and ensembles preparing for concerts and competitions.

A note from Pamela

You’re signing up for music lessons, and that means that you or your child will be learning skills that last a lifetime. Studying music is more than learning how to play an instrument. A good teacher will introduce you to composers and compositions, art history, music theory, and much more. The benefits of music are boundless. And you know what? It's even more fun (and affordable) when you study in a group! I'd be thrilled to welcome you to my studio!

Pamela Taylor teaching a group class

Next Steps...

Not every teacher is right for every student. You want to be sure that your music teacher provides the things that are important to you, as well as the things that are important to a student’s musical development. So, send a message, or call Pamela for more information.