Pamela Taylor teaches a private piano lesson

Pamela's Music Studio

You will find her studio in Newport, Vermont, in the beautiful Northeast Kingdom.

Her private piano students are taught exclusively on a Steinway concert grand. For group classes, Pam has eight Korg digital pianos available.


Pam also teaches online using studio specific apps and multiple cameras, enabling teacher and student to play together in real time. A fast, reliable internet connection is required.

Meet your teacher

Pam has over thirty-five years of experience both as a performer and as a teacher. She has trained hundreds of piano and flute students of all ages and abilities. From her music studio in Newport, VT, Pamela teaches them to connect with their instrument in the healthiest way possible. To that end she incorporates yoga and Feldenkrais into her practice. She also uses innovative approaches to bring out the intuitive musician that resides within all of us.

One of those new approaches is based on multi-sensory learning as developed by the Forte School of Music in Australia. Pam is one of the very few accredited Forte teachers in the USA. This way of learning involves most of the senses helping kids develop an amazing range of musical skills from improvising to composing, music reading and playing, theory, memorizing, playing by ear, concert performance skills and more!

Unlike more traditional ways of teaching an instrument, the Forte method is based on fun, interactive group classes where the students learn and grow together. This creates community and confidence. An added bonus is that group lessons are more affordable.

Flutist and pianist Pamela Taylor

Pamela Taylor

Teacher & Performer

From the age of four, Pamela Taylor knew she wanted to become a professional musician. At Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music she studied both flute and piano.

The world-renowned principal flutist of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London, Geoffrey Gilbert, was one of her most influential teachers. The London Times called him "the most influential British flutist of the twentieth century."

Before moving to Vermont, Pamela was a flutist with the Orchestra of St. Peter By-The-Sea, and the Staten Island Philharmonic. Until its closure, she was principal flutist of Metro Lyric Opera, under the baton of Maestro Anton Coppola.

She has also appeared with the  NJ Capital Philharmonic Orchestra, and many musical theatre organizations including Spring Lake Musical Theatre and Lafayette College. Pamela regularly performs solo and chamber engagements.

As a collaborative pianist, Ms. Taylor works with operatic soloists, choral groups, and professional and student instrumental soloists.

Pamela performs!

Do you need a flutist for a chamber ensemble, religious service, wedding, musical, opera, or orchestral event? Pam brings her extensive experience to every performance. She also contracts other instrumentalists and vocalists to meet all your needs.