“I'm 28 now and took lessons with Ms. Pam from age 8-18. It wasn't until I became an adult that I truly began to appreciate the values and foundations that she taught me.

First off, I learned how to break down pieces and work through challenges after studying with her for years - lessons that would serve me as an adult.

Secondly, her value system of instilling in me the curiosity of music history and composers is something I carry through to this day - and every time I am in the presence of chamber music or an orchestra, I am able to appreciate the structure as well as the beauty of the music.” -Elana R.

“This is just a little something to let you know how much we’ve appreciated your class these past two years. You’ve opened Benjy’s eyes and ears to the beauty of music, and, through him, you’ve enriched all of our lives with music as well. Thank you for being such a creative, patient, and caring teacher.” -Arlene L.

“I am so grateful for all the tools you helped me to develop that are helping me to pick up new styles quickly and easily. I’m still practicing from all of the books we worked through together!” -Debbie G., professional flutist & composer

“We wish to thank you for teaching us what we don’t know; for encouraging us to do what we thought we can’t do; for being there when we can’t make it and for being happy when we do. We consider ourselves very lucky to have you… another guiding hand as we grow and hope to be the best that we can be.” -Adrian & Dan C.

“You have helped me so much in the last year or so, gave me encouragement… I cannot tell you how much better I feel about myself and music since you have been my teacher.” -Mary Lou V.

"Thank you for being an excellent, superlative, the very best music teacher - ever!” -Harry L.

“I wanted to write a quick note to tell you how much fun Elise has had during class! She talks very highly of you, so I know that you must be pretty special.” -Helene G.

“Thank you for opening the door to a whole new world for us!” -Alex & Olivia D.

“Thank you for your Monday morning music! You made our week start with a smile. We appreciate your hard work & sunny attitude!” -Preschool class

“Thanks so much for making music in the hearts of all the children at my school!” -Pat F., Montessori school director

“I know for certain I will never find a flute teacher as good as my first one.” -Joe L. (a beginner at 65, this note was written after two years of lessons, and after moving away)

“Thank you. Michael loves music more because of your teaching.” -Matt K.

“The years that I learned piano from you will always remain a rewarding part of my life. I hope to be able to continue my piano and someday be able to pass on my music knowledge to my children.” -Sarah F.

“Thank you for bringing music into Justin’s life. It certainly was a welcome addition to a life of trucks, cars, and trains!” -Robin D.

“I enjoyed being your student this year and you were a great teacher. I learned so much and now can play Rondo all Turca with my eyes closed. My music will always remind me of you!" -Laurie B.

“Thank you again for everything you have done. I really appreciate all that work and effort you have put in for me. And especially knowing that someone had believed in me all the time!” -Jennifer C., professional flutist

“I just wanted to say a quick thank you for all of your help prepping me for music auditions.” Wendy B., high school band director

“Your concert this morning was like a breath of fresh air. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. We appreciate the hard work and dedication which results in such seemingly effortless playing.” -Susan C., Bernards Township Library